Parallels Desktop Crack With Activation Key 2019 Download

Parallels Desktop Crack With Activation Key 2019 Download

Parallels Desktop Crack Torrent Free Download

Parallels Desktop Crack for Mac is a powerful and versatile virtualization solution that enables you to access many apps on the same desktop without rebooting on both Windows and Mac systems. Furthermore, it makes it simple to use from PC-only games to productivity software. Parallels Desktop Crack is a professional Mac virtual machine that allows you to drag and drop files between Windows and Mac OS apps and launch Windows programs straight from the Mac dock, making Windows the simplest and most effective way to run Windows on your Mac! Additionally, Parallels Desktop Activation Key allows you to run Windows productivity apps daily–and even the most challenging graphical applications–without compromising.

Parallels Keygen will offer the Crystal mode for all of Coherence’s features while enabling you to hide components from the Parallels Desktop interface and work side by side with Mac OS X apps with Windows applications. There is a metamorphosis function that changes programs for Windows as if they designed for Mac. Use full-fledged versions of your productivity tools, such as Excel, Outlook, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Access, and other non-Mac apps, and experience Microsoft Office quicker than ever before. If you are new to Mac, it’s perfect. Begin with Windows ‘ familiar look. Then attach more and more Mac look, feel, and experience at your speed to your Windows programs. Whatever your demands, operate side-by-side Windows and Mac apps without any performance compromises.

Parallels Desktop 15 Features:

  • Perfect support for Windows 10/Win7/Win 8.1/Vista 2000/XP and other Microsoft OSes (32/64 bit).
  • Use Windows and Internet Explorer Microsoft Office.
  • It Support for different Linux distributions like Ubuntu, CentOS, etc., as well as Chrome OS, Android system.
  • Preserve the macOS look and feel or use the familiar desktop of Windows.
  • Drag and drop files, copy and paste text or files between Mac, Windows and some Linux.
  • Apps running Windows without affecting your Mac velocity.
  • Convert conveniently to virtual machines Windows devices installed via BootCamp.
  • Develop and experiment in a virtual machine for Mac across various operating systems.
  • Mac and Windows can share cloud storage space such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
  • Easily migrate from your PC to your Mac files, applications, browser bookmarks, etc.
  • Make the most of your Mac with automatic disk space optimization.
  • Windows support with Retina display.
  • Travel mode expands the life of the battery.
  • Feel free to assign your Mac or Windows any amount of USB devices.
  • Support for phones with Bluetooth, FireWire, interface devices with Thunderbolt.
  • Includes more than 30 tools on your Mac and Windows to simplify daily duties, such as cleaning your hard drive and protecting personal files.
  • Support for shared folders and printers for Windows / Linux.
  • Enjoy 24/7 quality assistance for telephone, email, and social networking.

Parallels Desktop 15 Tools:

  • Do not enter sleep mode, stop the laptop from entering sleep mode, and avoid dimming the screen.
  • Lock the screen and lock the screen instantly to avoid other people from unauthorized access to your desktop.
  • Convert videos for your iPad or iPhone to optimize your home-made films or TV shows.
  • Hide the desktop and conceal all documents, folders, and other icons on the desktop while a screen or screenshot is being documented, shared, or recorded.
  • Make GIFs, generate animated GIFs from video readily, and customize them. Set the start and endpoints, select frame rate and size, add subtitles, and immediately save to the desktop.
  • Archive files, compress files to use less storage room with a single click. Unarchive any files, zips, RARs, etc. archived.
  • Do not disturb, avoid interference so that you can concentrate on the present assignment.
  • Download from the Internet your favorite videos: YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.

Parallels Desktop ScreenShots:

Parallels Desktop Crack With Activation Key 2019 DownloadParallels Desktop Crack With Activation Key 2019 Download

Why Use Parallels Desktop 15?

Windows and Mac operating at the same time:

  • Parallels Desktop can run Windows and MacOS apps concurrently, without rebooting Windows apps straight from the Mac dock.

Dragging the binary system file at will:

  • Drag and drop files for fast and straightforward use between Mac and Windows applications, no need to copy files locally, store data, deep integration, sharing of gestures, cloud sharing.

Operation is seamless and straightforward:

  • The secure and convenient fresh wizard discovers the operating system automatically. Without using the Windows interface, consistency can readily switch between apps.

Integrated sharing:

  • Further integration of Mac and Windows, seamless sharing between Windows and Mac of Bluetooth phones, integration of Mac Trash with Windows Recycle Bin, only one needs to be managed.

The impact of 3D is more refreshing and brighter:

  • Support for 7.1 surround sound and accelerated 3D graphics, running as fast as possible high-demand intensive Windows programs and Windows development instruments across platforms.

Fast lightning:

  • Without slowing down the Mac, graphics and resource-poor Windows applications can operate efficiently. Run the most robust apps like Adobe Visual Studio, Photoshop, or SketchUp.

Easily install:

Parallels Desktop to detect what you need to start automatically. If you need Windows, download and install Windows 10 or pick a current setup of Windows, Ubuntu, Linux, or Boot Camp.

Not just for Windows:

  • It also can operate a wide range of operating systems, including macOS, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Linux, and Google Chrome.

Storage optimization:

  • The storage room for Windows 8 and Windows 10 virtual devices has been optimized by Parallels Desktop, which can save users a lot of virtual machine disk.

Supports sharing 4K cameras with Mac:

  • Parallels Desktop 14 can now support 4 K video cameras of high definition.

Parallels Desktop supports Microsoft Ink:

  • The latest version added the feature “pressure sensing” to allow users to use Microsoft Ink completely in Parallels

Touch Bar XML editing features:

  • Parallels Desktop 14 can customize the Touch Bar features using the “Touch Bar XML” function. You can adjust the included functions, colors, and texts to your preferences.

What’s New in Parallels Desktop

Parallels Desktop 15 involves many exciting features: DirectX 11 support, Catalina technologies, macOS leverage, new virtualized hardware, extra Mac integration points, increased efficiency, and much more.

  • Move from OpenGL to Metal–Parallels Desktop 15 now supports DirectX 11.
  • Ready for the latest Catalina Innovations OSes and Leveraging.
  • It includes cool features such as Sidecar and full Apple Pencil support as well as signs in with Apple in macOS Catalina.
  • You can now save your Windows passwords live from Safari in keychain, drag and drop files, preview thumbnails, email a file in Mail, and much more.
  • Startup to 80% quicker Microsoft Office application.
  • 3D graphics are faster than 15 percent.
  • It is more sensitive to the user interface.
  • Some apps and games (such as Autodesk 3ds Max 2020, Lumion, Anno 2205, Frostpunk and more) can now use DirectX 11 much quicker than in past versions, rather than being unusable and slow.
  • Get back up to 20 GB with automatic surveillance of the disk.
  • Twenty percent longer battery life.
  • Use Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 to move big files up to 100% quicker.
  • Considerably less use of memory, disk, and CPU.

System Requirements:

  • Operating system: OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 or newer
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i7, Core i5, Core i3 or Xeon processor
  • Other requirements: 4GB RAM
  • Hard Disk Space: 600 MB
  • SSD drives for better performance
  • Internet connection

How to Install Parallels Desktop

  • Firstly download the Parallels Desktop Crack from here.
  • Afterward, downloading, open, and unzip them file setup.
  • You are now forced to install the file setup and complete the installation.
  • After installation closes the program entirely and turns off internet connection.
  • Now utilize the given activation keys to activate the installed trial version.
  • All done open and enjoy the simultaneously and exciting work on your MAC with faster speed.


In brief, if you use an Apple Mac computer and want to use software from other system platforms, notably Windows software, then it will be more convenient to use a virtual machine than to install a dual system with BootCamp! Whether it’s Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion, you’re going to have an unparalleled experience of cross-platform. Personally, in terms of humanity and functionality, Parallels is more meticulous and more effective. In brief, PD-based macOS will make your Mac reliable!

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